About the Event

The Caught by Crime Stoppers Jail Bailout is an important fundraiser for the Crime Stoppers program. Being a charity, Crime Stoppers would not be able to exist without the support of individuals and businesses in the community. Every year, Crime Stoppers collects thousands of anonymous tips from the public that help law enforcement to stop and solve crimes in our region.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, business leaders and community members will be arrested by Edmonton Police officers, transported to a mock jail at Southgate Centre and be asked to raise a bail in support of Crime Stoppers. Check it out between 10am and 4pm, and make a donation towards your favourite Jailbird's bail either in person or online!

Our Partners


Bail out a Jailbird

Help one of your favourite jailbirds get out of a tough spot! Search our online jail to find your Jailbird and pledge directly through their page to help them reach their bail goal!

Not sure who to support? Search for General Donations or donate on the main page to support the overall event. Thank you for your contibution to the Crime Stoppers program and to solving crime and making our communities safer.

Want to get involved as a Jailbird or Sponsor? Have a question about the event? Let us know!